The advertisement tax and Hungarian media policy

It is widely known that the media industry has faced growing hardships over the past decade: the internet and its concomitant, free content, has already emerged as serious challenges, but it was the economic crisis beginning in 2008 that rendered the situation truly dramatic. Today, we can assert that the media market’s current functioning is […]

Opinion on ’The Report of the High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism: A free and pluralistic media to sustain European democracy’

The signatories of this letter of consultation are specialized civil organisations with a long history of commitment to the freedoms of speech and press and extensive professional experience in this area. Said organizations were very pleased that, partly in response to the situation of the Hungarian media, the European Commission has set up the working […]

Letter of Hungarian NGOs on Media Legislation to Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General, Council of Europe

Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland         Secretary General Council of Europe   4 February 2013, Budapest   Esteemed Council of Europe, Dear Secretary General,   Hungarian NGOs for protection of human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of press express their concern about the prospects of the Hungarian media regulation. The agreement between the Council of Europe and […]

The big publicity shake-up

The total overhaul of media regulations has served as a sort of dress rehearsal for the power techniques of the Fidesz-KDNP government. The process has involved the complete removal of checks and balances from the institutional system, along with the cementing of trusted party cadres in place. More importantly, it has also entailed the domestication […]

What makes news? — The prospects of being informed

“RTL 2 is airing real news!” — exclaimed a Standards staff member, providing a vivid illustration of the state of public affairs reporting in Hungary today. News on television is either irrelevant to public affairs or, when it is not, it is little more than sheer government propaganda. If a commercial station wants to buck […]