Media Landscape After A Long Storm – The Hungarian media politics since 2010 (Mertek Booklets 25)

This paper provides an overview of how the Hungarian media system hasevolved since 2010. This long decade fundamentally changed the Hungarian public sphere by the construction of the illiberal state and themove away from the democratic values of the European Union. It is particularly striking that the transformation of the media system occurred at several […]

An Infected Media System

The Sources of Political Information in Hungary Ever since 2013, Mérték Media Monitor has been performing recurring surveys to learn about the media consumption and information patterns of the Hungarian public (the results of the previous surveys are available on our website at, under the heading Media Freedom). All our surveys were conducted in […]

Police Action Against Alleged Fake News in Hungary

Since the amendment of the Criminal Code to include as a separate and severely punishable offence the dissemination of fake news about the coronavirus, the official handling of fake news-related matters by the authorities has been the subject of increased scrutiny. The recent detention of a man in connection with his online commentary is the […]

French version: Les derniers jours du média indépendant en Hongrie ?

L’épidémie COVID-19 entraine essentiellement une crise sanitaire, mais avec des effets collatéraux qui sont déjà visibles. Tout d’abord l’émergence d’une crise économique mondiale qui s’est très vite installée, mais aussi dans certains pays, comme la Hongrie, une crise politique ou la survie d’un média indépendant est sérieusement menacée. L’article d’Ágnes Urbán nous le relate. L’épidémie […]

The end of days for independent media in Hungary?

Above all, the coronavirus gives rise to a healthcare crisis. At the same time, the broader repercussions of the crisis in other areas have also began to manifest themselves. A global economic crisis is on the horizon, while in Hungary the very survival of the independent media is in serious danger. By Ágnes Urbán The […]

Fidesz-friendly media dominate everywhere

When the Central European Press and Media Foundation (abbreviated as KESMA in Hungarian) was created in November 2018, everyone was curious to find out how massive the ownership concentration in the market had become as a result of the emergence of such a huge conglomerate, and how strong the position of government-friendly media companies was […]