Putin, the man who wasn’t even there

In the following, we will summarise how the popular Krónika news show, which airs at noon every day on the public service station Kossuth Rádió, reports about Russia’s war on Ukraine. Krónika is primarily popular among elderly listeners. Since this age group is less likely to use the internet, it is especially vital to keep […]

The Hungarian government media disseminates Kremlin propaganda

The attack on Ukraine has led to a widespread outrage in Hungary. However, the deep polarisation that divides Hungarian society was also manifest in the public reactions to the war. Most people unequivocally condemn the Russian aggression and profess solidarity with Ukraine, and as the first refugees began to arrive, both civil society and the […]

Hungarian News Monitoring, 2022 Election Campaign – Part 1

Through its analyses of the campaigns of the past few years, Mérték Media Monitor wishes to help individual voters and the institutions which are invested in the successful conduct of the election in understanding whether the prevailing news coverage is balanced, as well as to help orient those who seek to be properly informed during […]

Media Landscape After A Long Storm – The Hungarian media politics since 2010 (Mertek Booklets 25)

This paper provides an overview of how the Hungarian media system hasevolved since 2010. This long decade fundamentally changed the Hungarian public sphere by the construction of the illiberal state and themove away from the democratic values of the European Union. It is particularly striking that the transformation of the media system occurred at several […]

An Infected Media System

The Sources of Political Information in Hungary Ever since 2013, Mérték Media Monitor has been performing recurring surveys to learn about the media consumption and information patterns of the Hungarian public (the results of the previous surveys are available on our website at mertek.eu, under the heading Media Freedom). All our surveys were conducted in […]