Hungarian Media Law (Mertek Booklets 1.)

The adoption of the new media laws in 2010 not only laid the foundation for the complete overhaul of the Hungarian media system but at once represented one of the current administration’s first measures to scale back constitutional democracy. Fitting in comfortably with the broader arsenal of media policy, the new regulation provides a clear-cut picture of the way the government conceives of democracy. First and foremost, the new regulation is aimed at a structural revamping of the media system in such a way as to cement for the long haul the dominance of the current ruling parties in the public domain, at the very least on the channels of telecommunication that reach the most people in the country. Enterprises and editorial boards forced into compromise; single-party supervisory agencies; media businesses with close ties to the parties in power gaining ground – these are some of the main consequences of the media policy enabled by the new regulatory framework.

Mérték Füzetek 1. (Mertek Booklets 1): Hungarian Media Law