The State of Press Freedom 2014

Mérték Media Monitor first compiled a Press Freedom Index (PFI) in 2012. The comprehensive PFI is made up of the results collected from three parallel research projects. We surveyed three groups: journalists, media managers (a group comprising media owners, executives of media companies and the management of media enterprises) and, using a representative national sample, the general public. Though the public sample was representative, the samples of journalists and media managers were not. What we sought to find out was how these three groups think about the state of press freedom in Hungary, about the way the domestic media work, and about the level and nature of political and business pressure on the press. We also asked questions about the role of journalism in society and the problem of self-censorship. We repeated our research in 2014 for all three previously surveyed groups, and in the following we will present a comparative review of the data collected over the past three years. The detailed analysis of the research on media managers was performed by the Publicus Institute. The conclusions of our analysis on media managers are based on the Publicus Institute’s study.