Publicness revisited – a dialogue for a future media regulatory framework 3. – Media authority

The Mertek Media Monitor launched a public dialogue that lasts several months. The objective of the debate is to reach and engage the widest possible range of stakeholders and to rethink the media regulation framework with their participation. The debate also brings to the public attention those professional considerations and interests that are required in the future media regulations and media policies. Our concept papers are starting points in the debate, but certainly not definitive answers to the questions raised.

We are continously waiting Hungarian and/or English comments on the discussion:

The ’Publicness revisited – a dialogue for a future media regulatory framework’ project is co-organized with the Centre for Independent Journalism and it’s supported by the EEA/Norway Grants.

Originally, our concept concerning the future of the Media Authority suggested its full dismantling, based primarily on the dire experiences with the institution in Hungary. However, during the elaboration of the detailed concept, we reached the conclusion that the elimination of the authority cannot be accomplished with full consistency. Nevertheless, we believe that the current authority should be replaced with a decentralized structure of institutions having a very narrow scope of appreciation. This would at the same time give more importance to certain media regulatory fields than before.

Media Authority