Freedom of the press

  • 2019

    • Centralised Media System – Soft Censorship 2018 (Mertek Booklets 18)

      Observers of the Hungarian media situation have often remarked in recent years that it cannot get any worse. It was difficult to imagine that the state of democratic public sphere could deteriorate further in an EU member state. At the same time, however, our experience shows that there is no objective limit to how far […]
  • 2018

    • Sources of political information in Hungary; Trends, 2015-18

      About the research The research identified the sources of political and public affairs information in Hungary, incl. the role of Facebook and the assessment of the media situation. The survey was conducted by the Medián Public Opinion and Market Research Institute on a commission by Mérték Media Monitor. The data were collected by personal interviews […]
    • An Illiberal Model of Media Markets – Soft Censorship 2017 (Mertek Booklets 15.)

      The present Soft Censorship report differs somewhat from the customary format of previous reports.
    • State advertising 2006-2017

      Mérték Média Monitor has been analysing the changes in state advertising spending for years. Our regularly published Soft Censorship report reviews the developments of the foregoing year, but it is also important to take a look at the impact of state advertising on the media market situation from a wider angle, as a long-term process. […]
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