Recent changes in media ownership

The past few years saw major changes in the ownership structures of media corporations in Hungary. Following the economic crisis of 2008, the advertising market dropped by 20%. The adoption of the media law in late 2010 led to an unpredictable regulatory environment. Many foreign investors sold their Hungarian holdings, and several of them left […]

A major step towards an authoritarian media regime in Hungary

The publisher Mediaworks has suspended the publication of Népszabadság, Hungary’s leading opposition newspaper and highest circulation broadsheet. Though the measure was officially referred to as a suspension, in reality it probably implies that Népszabadság has been shut down for good. It has been rumoured for a long time now that a key friend of the prime minister, […]

Soft Censorship Hungary 2015

Introduction – Crony capitalism and the media market The methods and trends of the state’s interventions in media policy and the media system after 2010 were both a reflection of and a blueprint for the general workings of the government. When the Media Act was adopted, it provided one of the early glimpses into what […]