The State of Press Freedom 2014

Mérték Media Monitor first compiled a Press Freedom Index (PFI) in 2012. The comprehensive PFI is made up of the results collected from three parallel research projects. We surveyed three groups: journalists, media managers (a group comprising media owners, executives of media companies and the management of media enterprises) and, using a representative national sample, […]

GASPING FOR AIR – Soft Censorship in Hungarian Media 2014

Press freedom in Europe is facing a widespread and growing threat by “soft” censorship that includes governments’ use of financial power to pressure news media, punish critical reporting and reward favourable coverage. While Europe’s press is not generally threatened by the jailing of journalists or the closure of media outlets, “soft” censorship is a more […]

Mertek Booklets vol. 1.

The adoption of the new media laws in 2010 not only laid the foundation for the complete overhaul of the Hungarian media system but at once represented one of the current administration’s first measures to scale back constitutional democracy. Fitting in comfortably with the broader arsenal of media policy, the new regulation provides a clear-cut […]

Disrespect for European Values in Hungary, 2010-2014

The European Union (EU) is premised on the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and human rights – including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. EU Member States share these values: they are societies committed to pluralism, the prohibition of discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity, and gender equality. Lately, these fundamental values have been systematically disrespected […]

We explain the illiberal public sphere

Everything that could possibly be said about the media law was said over and over again in this chamber since their birth. All that was said then remains true to date. Neither the letters nor the spirit of these laws are suitable for serving as the basis of a democratic public discourse, an open and […]

Gergely Gulyás is wrong on the facts

The European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, whose portfolio includes media affairs, has once more summed up the problems surrounding the Hungarian media system. Fidesz politician Gergely Gulyás has publicly responded to Kroes’s criticisms, seeking to refute her arguments. Our own assessment, however, is that Gulyás is wrong, as our research on the subject has shown in some […]

No bad news about Viktor Orbán in the campaign

Ténytár is committed to drafting data-based factual analyses on the representation of politics in the media. Correspondingly, we have written a joint analysis with Mertek Media Monitor, wherein we reviewed the appearance of politicians in news shows, the ratio of public affairs news, and the structure and weight of the latter in news shows. Our […]

Dignity for all – Who are the main exclusionists?

The goal of the joint initiative by Ténytár and Mertek Media Monitor was and continues to be to fight against exclusion and discrimination. Exclusion questions the humanity of minorities or of individual groups within society by deeming them less equal than others. And where human equality suffers damage, democracy suffers as well. We wish to […]

Dignity for all – Jobbik makes exclusion a campaign pledge

March 21, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination The goal of the joint initiative by Ténytár and Mertek Media Monitor was and continues to be to fight against exclusion and discrimination. Exclusionary speech is increasingly common in Parliament, in the media and in everyday communication. Exclusion questions the humanity of minorities or of […]