Debate on Hungary in the European Parliament

Hungarian press coverage between 2017.04.26. és 2017.04.28. Mérték Media Monitor invited Publicus Institute to conduct a qualitative analysis on how the European Parliament’s debate on Hungary has been reported on by the most read, most watched and most important Hungarian news media. We monitored 718 articles in total produced by four online and three printed […]

Soft Censorship in Hungary in 2016: When Propaganda Rules Public Discourse

Liquidated Diversity Népszabadság terminated, Class FM removed from its frequency, TV2 turned into a character assassination machinery, the public media are aggressively disseminating anti-migrant propaganda – as far as the eye can see, the ruins of a media that have seen better days. 2016 was the year when there was no election campaign, and this offered an opportunity to […]